SimToolkitPro Updated to 0.5.71

April 27, 2020
Alexandre Faroux
nobody, apparently.

The freeware X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D tool suite SimToolkitPro was updated yesterday to version 0.5.70 with a hotfix released just hours later updating it to 0.5.71.

SimToolkitPro is an electronic flight bag (EFB) software compatible with both X-Plane and Prepar3D. The program includes flight planning via SimBrief, an airport database, flight logging, weather injection (XP only), a landing tracker, a live tracking map and much more. 

The release of the update was announced in a Twitter post and mainly includes a new UI for all of the application as well as airline images. Here are the main points of the changelog provided by SimToolkitPro’s developer Daniel Gallacher:

  • [NEW] Airline Images - New images courtesy of Krijag!
  • [NEW] UI - New UI for the entire app!
  • [UPD] Core - Added fullscreen window button in top right
  • [UPD] Fleet - Added Fleet Image
  • [UPD] Fleet - Changes to layout, larger airline logos
  • [UPD] Fleet - Updated to match new design
  • [UPD] Flight Planner - New UI changes to make it a bit more user friendly
  • [UPD] Flight Planner - UI Changes for consistency with new design
  • [UPD] Flight Summary - UI Overhaul to update for new design. Fuel and payload is now a tab on the departure airport
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 - Added Day/Night overlay option
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 - Added flight following not perfect, some work required
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 - Added hover popups for all flights
  • [UPD] Tab Manager - Tabs now highlight when active
  • [FIX] Core - Added check for old NSIS installer version of STKP with auto uninstall
  • [FIX] Core - Sim time not shown if not available
  • [FIX] Core - Network mode (set in settings) disables auto connect and shows connection buttons on the dash
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 - Added beta tag to the menu element
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 - Now remember last position and zoom level
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 - Can now display airspace coverage for Vatsim/IVAO (Not currently showing airport coverage)
  • [FIX] Landing Reports - UI Updated
  • [FIX] Landing Reports - Fixed default check state of file error notice
  • [FIX] Landing Reports - Timer now runs at 1s/s rather than 5s/s (realtime)
  • [FIX] Settings - Option for using STKP on a networked device added
  • [FIX] Logbook - Time fix for exported csv format

We last covered SimToolkitPro in January 2019, check our article about it. 

SimToolkitPro is available for download on their website for free.

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