SimToolkitPro V0.5 Released

January 3, 2020

British developer Xyligo (also known as simply Dan) has released a wide-reaching update to SimToolkitPro, a freeware utility which itself covers an extensive list of different use cases. For example, you automatically detect and install plugins, use a flight plan overlay to display your virtual route, and use the landing and approach practice feature, which allows you to start from any place on approach into an airport.

On top of these already included features, SimToolkitPro is constantly being updated, with the new 0.5 adding to the already large list of functionalities. The main drawcard of the new version is the addition of Prepar3D support (which was previously experimental), though for X-Planers, there are also changes to the checklist system, allowing “drag and drop” changes to the list and a new “terrain” map style. The FlightFactor A320 also gets a custom FMS export system in the new update.

In addition to the new features, here’s a list of updates and fixes to features already in the software:

0.5 Updated

·      [UPD] Airline Code - Airline code database updated. Only contains airlines with a valid ICAO code

·      [UPD] Real Routes - New UI and database update

·      [UPD] Charts Tab - Now resizes proportionally to the size of the app window

·      [UPD] Dashboard - Config checker hides when nothing to warn about now

·      [UPD] Fleet - Added PRIVATE airline for non airline aircraft

·      [UPD] Fleet - New fleet UI with Prepar3D support

·      [UPD] Fleet - New UI to add airframes (simBrief custom airframe support coming soon)

·      [UPD] Fleet - New location tracking for aircraft

·      [UPD] Flight System - Completing a flight will update the current location for the active aircraft

·      [UPD] Logbook - Flight logobook overhaul adding search, pop up viewer and faster loading

·      [UPD] Logbook - Added CSV export with headers

·      [UPD] Logbook - Added switch to convert reports between Airborne and Total flight times for logged flights

·      [UPD] Flight Summary - Updated layout and styling so its easier to read

·      [UPD] Flight Summary - Added ETE and flight progress bar

·      [UPD] Schedule - Added ETE for scheduled flights

·      [UPD] Connection Monitor - Added location data and tidied up the page

·      [UPD] Landing Report Viewer - UI updated to match current

·      [UPD] Streaming Overlay - Overlay labels have been shortened for smaller output resolutions

·      [UPD] Streaming Overlay - Added progress bar to the the overlay

0.5 Fixes

·      [FIX] Live Map - Increased update speed and performance of related code

·      [FIX] Live Map - Fixed bounds issue so layers are copied between instances

·      [FIX] Live Map - Fixed EURM cascading issue

·      [FIX] Live Map - Fixed runway display issue

·      [FIX] Streaming - Fixed progress output to streaming overlay

·      [FIX] Data Recorder - Better checking and handling of "data-less" connections to X-Plane 11 and auto fixing as required

·      [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed "FIX" routing issues

·      [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed filtering of waypoints for some US STARs that included the Airport as termination point

·      [FIX] Flight Planner - Fix for ETE/Distance calculation issues

·      [FIX] Flight Planner - Fix for parsing SIDs that dont appear in the navdata (the blank page on flight plan load issue)

·      [FIX] Flight Planner - Dispatcher text input responsiveness hugely improved

·      [FIX] Flight System - Closing STKP with a flight that is not signed off, will auto complete the flight

·      [FIX] Dashboard - Fixed WX system incorrectly displaying in footer for Prepar3D

·      [FIX] Schedule - Query builder improves performance of route system and stops soft lockups


Later in the 0.5 run, Dan plans on adding custom airframe-based dispatching, as well as improvements to the approach tool allowing for starts on vector, base, downwind or on a STAR.

Beyond that, as stated in a recent blog post, SimToolkitPro “will see huge improvements across all the modules. Focusing on improvements to the weather injection system, improving resolution and tracking, then the long awaited performance calculator, multiplayer support and better integration with all the flight sim networks.”

To download SimToolkitPro for yourself, see the download page over on the Threshold Forum.

You can join the SimToolkitPro Discord server here. Alternatively, you can find the developer on Twitch here.

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