Feature List for SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Unveiled

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Daniel Gallacher of SimToolkitPro has today posted the changelog for version 0.6. The update has not yet been released, though he expects it to be available to testers in about a week.

Posted to various platforms including Facebook, Gallacher opened the changelog with a plan of how the update is expected to be rolled out.

"So its been a while since i've managed to stream or post any real update so heres a fairly sizeable one. The confirmed feature list for 0.6. Im hoping to start limited testing of the update late next week with a view to have it out as soon as I can in a stable state to everyone. This may not even be an exhaustive list!"

With that, he then posted the lengthy changelog. Highlights include a new data storage system, Mac and Linux clients, 40% reduction in RAM, and a streaming overlay designer.

  • New data storage system - Data now stored in a single file database, improves speed and compatibility with online sync system
  • Online account and sync/backup
  • XP11 Linux Plugin - Still struggling with a Mac XP11 plugin but we'll get there
  • Mac and Linux STKP Client - Official releases of the STKP client for Mac and Linux
  • Streaming Overlay Designer - Fully customise the streaming overlay with variables, custom CSS and custom code
  • Internal App Server - Will allow web access to your OFP and flight data from any mobile/tablet device on the same network
  • New Website - Full new website for STKP including account area with instant data export and account management including deletion
  • SimConnect server - Alternative to FSUIPC server in use at the moment, will become the default client, FSUIPC will still be available
  • Huge Performance increase in RAM usage - Around 40% drop in used RAM by removing a lot of information from immediate storage
  • Multi computer account sync
  • Diversion/Alternate Support
  • Automated fuel tracking and recording with flight logs
  • Automated log completion based on improved sim integration
  • Improved scenery detection for P3D
  • Map 2 will be the default map, Map 1 will still be available in settings
  • STKP Charts - ChartFox replacement/alternative as reversion in core modules means ChartFox will no longer work. More to come on this later
  • Random flight generator - Select an aircraft in your fleet, then a duration and STKP will find a matching flight (can be filtered by scenery owned too)

Other Features/Fixes

  • Dispatcher now shows units and OFP type without having to dig into the advanced table
  • Custom twitch commands for the bot
  • Improved performance on logs/fleet
  • Probably a crap load more fixes here too before it ships but ive been busy!

Follow the developer through Facebook and Discord.

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