SimToolkitPro v0.6 Showcase Video Released

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Two weeks ago, the feature list for v0.6 of SimToolkitPro was released. The list includes, among other things, a ‘huge’ performance increase (up to 40% less RAM used) and online accounts which sync across multiple devices.

On their Facebook page, the developers issued a short video showcasing the manual process of selecting a diversion aerodrome.

When the user first chooses their option to divert their flight, they are prompted to select an aerodrome. STKP will automatically show them the closest aerodromes to them based on distance in nautical miles, however, they can also search for a specific airfield using the search box in the prompt’s window.

Upon choosing the aerodrome that tempts them the most, they are instantly provided with the latest METAR for the airport, which will be an incredibly useful feature for all users, as they will be able to focus on the flying, without having to look up the meteorological report in their browser, their plane or in the Airport Database of STKP.

Once the Captain has successfully locked in their alternate aerodrome, a new “Alt/Div Charts” page becomes available to view from the “Flight Summary” tab. STKP will automatically fetch the latest available charts for them from STKP Charts (ChartFox will no longer be available) and these will be available to the user on the "Alt/Div Charts" page.

Along with the charts, the user is also able to view the current route they are taking (the diversion route is not shown) and the METAR for the alternate aerodrome.

Though this feature is fully manual and likely most useful, if the user happens to forget to set this up, or has to divert in an emergency, then worry not! SimToolkitPro will now automatically detect landings that aren't at the destination aerodrome and will mark them as diversions for the user without any input from them. 

SimToolkitPro is available to download as a plugin for free from the team’s website.

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