Swift 0.9.0 Released: VATSIM Approved, Open Beta Ready

Sam Clark
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Swift, the in-development multiplayer pilot client, has been officially approved by VATSIM, thus is allowed to be used on their network.

We first reported on Swift back in March and since then their Discord server has been a hive of activity. Just earlier today version 0.9.0 was released, indicating the beginning of the open beta stage of development.

The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network had previous ruled against the usage of Swift being on their servers, due to some administrative tasks that were yet to be completed regarding Swift's approval.

The VATSIM website has now been updated to include Swift in it's list of approved clients.

Swift is now an approved VATSIM pilot client.

You can learn much more about Swift, it's X-Plane ground clamping abilities, user interface, radar section and more, check out our previous article on it here.

You can join the Swift Discord server here. Alternatively, you can find the Threshold Discord server here.

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