SAM 2.0.3 & WorldJetways 1.0.1 Released by Stairport

January 29, 2020

Stairport has updated their popular plugin SAM to version 2.0.3, along with the recently-released WorldJetways addon.

In the update to SAM, automatic jetway connections to static aircraft and the integration of two new aircraft to the config - the Magknight 787 and the Peter Hager A320 - have been added.

Additionally, the plugin WorldJetways from the same development studio received an update to version 1.0.1.

The changes to WorldJetways are the following:

  • Adapted WorldJetway objects to new WED preview
  • Added automatic jetway connection to static aircrafts
  • Added optional activation mode if no ethernet controller is available
  • Added hyperlink to support on activation error

The developer has also informed Threshold of an upcoming free static aircraft library named StaticAircrafts Library, which can be added to the SAM ecosystem like other libraries.

"All aircraft are compatible with the jetway connection introduced in SAM 2.0.3," Stairport told us. "Users can contribute new liveries or aircraft, and paint kits for several aircraft will be included."

Users who require help with SAM can go to their new help desk and new ticket system for support.

"Simply type in your problem and find the corresponding answer directly,” continued Stairport “If there is a specific problem which is not explained yet just open a ticket and we will handle it directly."

The new help desk is live at Stairport's website.

SAM is available for free here, and SAM WorldJetways is available at Aerosoft.

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