Sim-wings Releases Ibiza International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 18, 2020

Sim-wings has released Ibiza International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Aerosoft Shop. Located in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, its proximity to Europe makes it a major European holiday destination, dubbing it the name, the “party island.” Its destination status has also lead to budget airline Vueling calling it a seasonal base.

Sim-wings’ recreation of the airport includes “detailed models of the airport terminals, buildings, and other airport facilities” in addition to custom aerial imagery covering the airport area. In addition, the runway and taxiways have been converted from official flight charts to ensure that their positioning and elevation match exactly with their real-world counterparts.

The full feature list adds much more to the palette than what is mentioned above:

  • Features a highly accurate rendition of Ibiza Airport (LEIB, IBZ)
  • Detailed models of airport terminals, buildings and other airport facilities
  • Accurate taxiway, apron and stands layout (including new 2020 GA apron and PP layout)
  • Custom aerial image covering the airport bounds and close vicinity
  • Smooth blending into default aerial terrain
  • Terraforming to blend airport into default height model
  • Runway profile according to official Spanish airport charts
  • Custom animated jetway models
  • Up to date runway, taxiway and stand layouts
  • Custom taxiway signage
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting

Sim-wings’ Ibiza is available now for €17.99 on the Aerosoft Shop.

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