shadeX Announced for X-Plane

February 20, 2021

After being originally announced via a teaser only a couple of days ago, shadeX has now been formally announced for X-Plane.

Developed by esteemed scenery developer, Stairport, shadeX is “an effect tuning Plugin for X-Plane flight simulator. Change the visual appearance and add great effects by using our shader-based real-time technology.” 

In our conversation with the developer, a few features were mentioned. Although the feature list isn’t final, from what we know so far, the shader will contain various effects such as sepia, film grain, vignette, and sharpening effects. Also, depth of field is included which will “Highlight/blur specific areas automatically or by full manual control.” 

Colour settings will also be included, with the ability to change contrast, lift, gamma, gain, temperature, and saturation. The field of view will also be changeable, allowing the user to “set close up or wide-angle views. Lastly, presets will be available, however, you can still save your own.

Not much else is known about the shader at the moment. It isn’t clear when It will release and no pricing information has been mentioned.

In the meantime, you can view more information about the product via its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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