FlightFactor Publishes New 777 V2 Previews

August 21, 2021

Earlier this week, FlightFactor has announced that they were developing the second major iteration of the 777, announced on Twitter and on X-Plane.org along with a series of 3d model renders of its much anticipated B777 V2. This was followed by today's second batch of previews, showcasing the same 3d modelling decorated with preliminary texturing in-sim from various angles.

Through the pictures, the developers have showcased the plane’s nose, nose gear, part of the wing, and the slats/flaps. Judging by the previews, the external modeling of the 777 appears to have been finalised, where its currently undergoing a fresh coat of textures, though no information regarding the interior and avionics can be derived from the previews. 

The 777 V2, originally announced last week, is the next major foray by the developers to expand its product line, alongside their 787 in development too. The news of this 777 was universally welcomed, for it is a redevelopment its outdated rendition of the aircraft. For the full announcement by FlightFactor, checkout our coverage in this Threshold article.

Apart from the pictures and the vague caption, FlightFactor has not released any further information on the status of the 777, including the release date and pricing. Threshold will keep you updated on this front.

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