New Details on Honeycomb Foxtrot & Tango-Foxtrot Hardware

November 25, 2020

Following today's Microsoft Flight Simulator development update, hardware developer Honeycomb has given out some more information on their next two in-development products - the Foxtrot Flight Stick and the Tango-Foxtrot Stick & Throttle combo.

It was revealed that both of these products would be compatible with the Xbox Series X in accordance with a new agreement between the manufacturer and Microsoft. They will also be compatible with PC.

According to PCPilot, who revealed the Xbox-compatible products last month in an interview with Honeycomb's CEO Nicki Repenning, "the Foxtrot Flight Stick will be sold in a righthanded configuration although a separate left-handed addon stick can be purchased separately for $29.99 (£23 approx). It includes all the same features as the Tango Foxtrot stick and is equipped with an undercarriage lever and a built-in throttle with thrust reverse."

Honeycomb's other products will also see Xbox compatibility as well, with the already in production Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Charlie Rudder Pedals set to support the Xbox Series X and Series S through daisy-chaining with a new version of the Alpha Flight Controls, which will link to the Xbox.

Alternatively, a 'Xbox Hub' can be had for a further $29.99 USD which would alleviate the need for the yoke to connect your other hardware to the console.

Honeycomb's Bravo and Charlie products can be daisy-chained to Xbox via a new version of the Alpha Flight Controls (to be released), or via an 'Xbox Hub'.

In today's video, we got a better overview of both the Foxtrot and Tango-Foxtrot products and is visible, APU, fuel, hydraulic and light functionality is included with the stick alone. Autobrakes, spoilers, rudder trim and flaps are also included in the throttle quadrant.

To see the video for yourself, check out the Microsoft Flight Simulator YouTube channel.

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