HotStart TBM-900 Updated to v1.1.7

Sam Clark
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The smash hit TBM-900 by HotStart has been updated to version 1.1.7, with numerous new features and a multitude of bug fixes.

Announced via the HotStart Discord server, X-Aviation head Cameron Son lists the changes:

Improvements/New Features:

  • Implemented waypoint VNAV constraint entry via the keypad numerical keys.
  • Dropped WXR resolution to get more performance and more realistic "grainy" radar look.
  • Implemented rain, ice and HUD rendering in VR.
  • All sidebar drawer buttons are now available in Plugins menu for enhanced VR usability.
  • All windows can now be opened natively in VR.
  • Reorganized plugins menu to make it more logical.


  • Rain effect compute shader would misbehave when camera was far away from aircraft.
  • Legacy rain effect would misbehave when sim was paused.
  • Fixed crash when using multiple monitors on Windows.
  • Fixed deadlock in synthetic vision code causing the terrain not to update and sim to hang when SVS is toggled.
  • Handle the case when minimums are set to 10,000 ft and the number goes outside the PFD box.
  • Missing tire_skid_speed_mtr_sec broke XP11.26 compatibility.
  • Fixed dark outline around windshield due to bad stencil masking in normal vector computation.
  • Copyright on MFD should show build year.
  • Build OpenGPWS with Garmin audio, not Honeywell.
  • Don't allow overflowing the approach minimums value.
  • Disable all GL arrays before starting effects rendering to avoid crashes when arrays are left enabled by external code.
  • Refined gear brake failure messages.
  • Added check for O2 refill to only allow it to be done when the tank isn't full.
  • Fuselage & gear leg repair buttons shouldn't be available when the parts are ok.
  • Fuel caps shouldn't be auto-closed when the user reopens the payload manager after leaving them open.
  • Added crash sound when the aircraft falls on the tail or nose.
  • Moved headset audio source position to right seat cushion to match visual model.

To update to the latest version, download the updated installer on your X-Aviation account.

You can check out the announcement on the HotStart Discord server here. Alternatively, you can find the Threshold Discord server here.

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