Turtle Beach Showcases VelocityOne Flight Controls

The latest developer seminar has arrived at this busy, news filled FSExpo weekend. TurtleBeach’s CEO Juergen Stark took to the stage to share an in-depth look at their new VelocityOne Flight Controls System.

The new modular design of the flight controls are designed primarily for use with the Xbox Series X/S on Microsoft Flight Simulator. As images show, the flight controls are pitched at a more introductory audience, aiming to have an all in one design. The yoke includes a built-in display allowing display of flight data, an indication board, trim wheel, 4 independent throttle controls and a TPM unit. 

During Juergen’s introduction, he mentioned that the project manager Andrew Young headed up the team designing the VelocityOne. It is interesting to note that it was said that Andrew young was a team member on the Saitek team, also behind the creation of the Logitech/Saitek Yoke. Andrew was given the power to bring back members of his previous Saitek team to work on VelociyOne for Turtle Beach. Below is an image demonstrating what the team behind VelcoityOne has created previously.

Juergen states that the yoke was designed to achieve: “an experience that appeals to both hardcore simmers [...] but also give people, new flight sim enthusiast, or people who on the Xbox who might just want to jump in the Cessna and fly around a very good Cessna experience”.

It was revealed that the price of the VelocityOne will be $379 upon release of the product.

A key focus of the VelocityOne is a universal flight controls system, that works with a wide variety of aircraft types, that is also future proof as well as modular. Accessibility was also a key goal of the new hardware, it should be easy for any person to pick up and be able to use quickly. A way this has been adopted is by adding new hard wired profiles. It was mentioned that developing the hardware for Xbox as well as PC caused issues trying to adopt the product to both new and experienced simmers alike.

A few quick features were teased in the VelocityOne such as Hall effect sensors and precision machined components, demonstrating the versatility of the product. Furthermore, it was shown that the product can be set up through the integrated screen, as well as receiving intuition updates through this same screen.

Through this image, it also appears that the yoke can be split apart from the throttle and trim quadrant.

Below is a demonstration of just what versatility the in-built display offers. Allowing users to choose profiles, change colours of LEDs, change the screen brightness as well as a chronometer.

This screen can also be customised through a windows app, available on release. 

The Status Indicator Panel (SIP) allows users to choose which warning lights they would like to display, built into the yoke. The system can be fully configured through the in-built Flight Management Display, allowing you to customise the panel to your personal use or preference.

A very small teaser to the future was given at the end, hinting towards further products. Shown during the seminar were a set of rudder pedals. 

No firm release date has been given, but it is expected to be released before the holiday period of this year.

As mentioned above, pricing will be $379 for the VelocityOne Flight Controls set.

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