ToLiss Introduces Tote de Mac's Cockpit Textures to their A321 & A319

Alex John
Friday, February 21, 2020

Popular aircraft developer ToLiss has announced a large cockpit texture overhaul for their aircraft, using textures from a community member.

"We are very happy to welcome Tote de Mac as an official ToLiss collaborator," wrote Giuliana Gennaro ToLiss in their Facebook group.

"Totedemac will be providing his textures as default textures on the upcoming A321 and the A319.

"Here are some of his textures in preview images !

"Welcome to the family Totedemac ­čÖé"

The post received overwhelming support from members of the group, with almost 200 people approving of the decision.

The A321, announced in December, is set to release in seven days. Many streamers, painters, and other community members have already been giving the largest member of the A320 family a whirl.

The aircraft is to include the two current engine option (CEO) choices - the CFM-56 and IAE V2500.

In addition, the Long Range (LR) variant is to be available upon release, with the option to implement up to two Additional Centre Tanks (ACTs).

It has been said users should expect the A321 to feel a little different from the A319, not just because of the difference in weight and performance, but due to other improvements throughout the aircraft when compared to their original product.

That said, the A319 will receive an update after next week's release to bring up to the new standard.

It is expected the A321 will cost the same or slightly more than the A319, and will include sounds for the CFM-56 and IAE V2500 engines by Turbine Sound Studios by default.

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