ToLiss Updates A321 and A321neo

January 21, 2021

Version 1.2.2 of the A321 and A321neo by ToLiss Simulation Solutions has been released, which is being called a 'bug-fixing update' by the developer.

This is the second update of the nature this month, as v1.2.1 was similarly focused on squashing bugs.

In terms of new features, the A321neo package now utilises FLAP/MCDU and PITCH TRIM/MCDU DISAGREE messages and the FMGS can now 'compute predictions across discontinuities.'

The developer provided this list of bug fixes in the update:

  • Engine Fire now also works with engine at idle
  • When performing a DIRTO with Radial In or Radial Out, the heading does not resync anymore upon insert, if already in Heading mode
  • FIX INFO is now available again during PREFLIGHT Phase.
  • RNP departures from NZQN RW23 work now as they should.
  • Reduced speed trend and vertical FD jitter occuring during high accelerations
  • Fine tuned AP altitude tracking and capture
  • Improved LEAP and PWG startup sounds
  • Brakes will not stop working below 2kts anymore.
  • Removed aileron anti-droop on A321 NEO, as that feature does not exist IRL
  • Livery control strings now work, if there is no livery config file present.

"Note that all NEO changes are now included in the updater, so it is enough to just use the updater to get both the latest A321 CEO and A321 NEO," they wrote on Facebook.

It was also hinted that an update to their other product, the A319, will be coming soon - hopefully by the end of the week.

Purchase the A321 by ToLiss for $79.00 USD on the Store.

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