Thrustmaster Unveils "Civil Aviation" Series of Flight Controls

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hardware manufacturer Thrustmaster has today unveiled a brand new set of flight controls which mimic those found in a real-world Airbus. Branded as "Thrustmaster Civil Aviation", the series is officially licensed by the European aircraft maker and is designed for X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

"Thrustmaster is thrilled to be getting its new partnership with Airbus off to a flying start by launching four exciting new officially-licensed products compatible with PC (Windows® 10, 8)*, in addition to its eagerly-awaited TM Flying Clamp, to mark the occasion. It’s also the perfect way to celebrate Thrustmaster’s milestone of thirty years in the business: the manufacturer has honed its skills and developed a unique level of know-how in the world of flight simulation, cementing its reputation as one of the global leaders in this high-tech sector", said the manufacturer in a statement.

TCA's headline product is the Sidestick: Airbus Edition, which replicates at 1-to-1 scale the stick found on both the A320 and A320neo. Twelve mappable buttons are available, plus the ability to change out buttons for either a captain, first officer, or "solo" configuration.

Unlike the Airbus' sidestick, the product also includes a built-in thrust reverser and rudder control on the Z-axis, which is lockable.

Marketed as a companion device to the sidestick, Thrustmaster also unveiled the TCA Quadrant "Airbus Edition", which mimics the throttle levers of the A320neo, in addition to engine controls.

Lastly for a large wave of announcements from the company, the Flying Clamp was also shown off today. The clamp will attach underneath a desk and hold utilities such as the TCA Throttle Quadrant shown off today.

What appears to be the "addon device" for the Throttle Quadrant can be seen in the right image.

The manufacturer has hinted that an addon device to the Throttle Quadrant could be coming soon, which will feature flap, autobrake and parking brake manipulators. In line with this information, one of the images provided to us of the Flying Clamp showed what looks to be flap and speedbrake levers - an early teaser of the product to come.

In terms of pricing, the Sidestick has a recommended retail price of $69.99 USD, with the Throttle Quadrant coming in at $99.99 USD. A package deal including both products is recommended at $159.99 USD.

Threshold partner creator Q8Pilot has taken a look at the new sidestick - his thoughts are detailed in the video below:

See the press release from Thrustmaster here.

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