Twelve New Screenshots in Short Microsoft Flight Simulator Update

Alex John
Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Microsoft flight simulator team kept this week's update short but sweet, with twelve new screenshots from around the world.

In addition to today's images, a feedback snapshot listing top questions, Tech Alpha 1 issues, and top wish list items were published.

The team reiterated that episode 8 of their Feature Discovery Series has been brought forward in place of episode 7 due to popular demand. It means on the 12th March, multiplayer will be a core focus of the update, with IFR to follow at the end of March.

An update on their partnership series was also posted, where the team admitted a "series of unforeseen delays" have affected travel. It is hoped an update will be posted "very soon", despite the team running behind schedule in this aspect.

Additionally, Microsoft highlighted an Avsim comment from CasualCas, which reads: "Please, all of us, we are here for fun. We all share a passion in flightsim, no matter the brand name.” No further input was said regarding this comment.

Finally, the feedback snapshot posted took into account top question, Tech Alpha 1 issues, and wish list items from users.

Last week's update saw the team go into more details with regards to airports. As usual, we'll keep you posted for next week's update.

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