TorqueSim Update Pocket Rocket to V1.0.2

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

TorqueSim, the collaboration between developers Advanced Flight Modelling (AFM) and Attitude Simulations, has released an update to their modified Impulse 100, known as the Pocket Rocket. The update, which can be viewed on TorqueSim's website, includes several bug fixes and tweaks, plus optimisations, a new livery and a revision of its FMOD sounds.

V1.0.2 contains the following changes:

  • FMOD revamped to sound even better!
  • New “Mustang” livery included
  • Optimizations throughout to improve performance
  • VR graphical artifacts should no longer appear with synthetic vision
  • Strobe spill on fuselage addressed
  • Sharp seams on glareshield addressed
  • Missing oxygen gauge glass added
  • G1000 MFD buttons getting stuck addressed
  • G1000 KG totalizer issues fixed
  • Prop animation and disk tweaked to appear better
  • Bushing added to tailwheel variant main gear
  • PBR retouched
  • Particle effects adjusted
  • Additional 3D and texture touchups
  • Inertial separator annunciator added

The update can be downloaded for free here for existing users, designed with a simple update process in mind.

Meanwhile, the developer is working on a Citation 525A - you can check out exclusive renders of the bizjet here.

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