ToLiss Releases Airbus A321

Alex John
Friday, February 28, 2020

ToLiss has added to their collection of aircraft for X-Plane 11, with the release of the Airbus A321 for X-Plane 11.

For US $79.99, they claim that the aircraft is a step above their A319 and includes an in-depth FMGS, CFM-56 or IAE V2500 engine options, "very accurate" fly-by-wire dynamics, 90 simulated failures, plus much more.

The full features list can be viewed on any store pages of its resellers, including the likes of, simMarket and Aerosoft.

Some users have spoken of their disapproval of the slightly higher price of the A319. ToLiss has defended its cost, stating Turbine Sound Studios' (TSS) sound pack is now included in the price. The A319 and TSS are available separately.

But many who couldn't justify its high cost did so due to a lack of discount for loyal customers, as evidenced by comments in Monday's price announcement.

Nonetheless, it is expected to be favourited by those who purchase their aircraft, as the A319 has proven popular with thousands of users.

As of time of publishing, the A321 is available from for US $79.99.

The developer has also confirmed another Airbus aircraft will be next, although it has been known for quite some time they are heavily involved in assisting the development of FlightFactor's A350.

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