TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander Development Update 1, Cockpit Previews

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

In a blog post on their website, 11 days after initially announcing their BN-2 in the works, TorqueSim has released the first development update for the aircraft.

The update gives details on features included like a custom autopilot system, and circuit breakers with accurate amperages, as well as showing off the cockpit of the aircraft for the first time.

The BN-2 Islander isn’t the only aircraft TorqueSim is working on currently, also in the TorqueSim development hangar are aircraft including the SR-22, Citation 525 and Mike Patey's home-built aircraft.

TorqueSim also recently released a development update of their SR-22, giving details of a new custom technology to be featured in the aircraft, read more on that in our previous TorqueSim article.

The development update read:

“[...]we’re finally ready to show off the interior and panel. We elected to withhold pictures of these parts the last time, knowing we had yet to add many of the details that give this aircraft its character: The BN-2 has been in service for over half a century, and we wanted our model to reflect some of this history.

“Islanders fly all over the world. Whether rain or shine, snow, or tropical heat, short jungle strips, or large international airports, these aircraft serve in some of the most difficult conditions known in aviation. For this reason, we’ve added a highly capable avionics package, dual gps, but also the redundancy of full gauge sets for both pilot and copilot.

“And while our screenshots show off the traditional steam gauges, we have also done testing on a version making use of AFM’s G5 instrumentation. What’s more, our Islander features a full set of circuit breakers with accurate amperages (taken straight from an actual Islander Parts Catalog).

“They’re integrated with a powerful custom-coded electrical system which far exceeds X-Plane’s in scope and capability. A custom KFC 225 autopilot system and Garmin-like transponder round out the package.”

The development update concluded stating that beta testing was planned to begin shortly.

Threshold will be sure to keep you updated with all TorqueSim aircraft progress.

Check out our announcement article on the TorqueSim BN-2.

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