Tailstrike Designs Further Preview Reggio Calabria for MSFS

August 29, 2020

Scenery developer Tailstrike Designs has shared more previews of Reggio Calabria on Facebook for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They previewed the airport earlier this month, at about the same time that they released the X-Plane version for it.

Since the original announcement, Tailstrike has shared multiple previews of the airport on their Facebook page. Not much information has been provided, however they stated that the airport is nearly ready, and is being held back by SDK limitations.

Reggio Calabria Airport, also known as Aeroporto dello Strello, is located in Reggio, Italy. It mainly serves the provinces of Reggio and Messina. The two runways see mainly European flights, with airlines such as Alitalia and airBaltic flying there regularly. The airport first opened in 1939 for military use, and still continues to be utilised by the Italian Royal Air Force. 

Reggio Calabria XP can be viewed on Aerosoft’s website, and previous articles about the airport can be found here. Further developments can be found on their Facebook page.

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