VSKYLABS Announces U-15 “Pro Edition” V5

Alexandre Faroux
Sunday, August 18, 2019

VSKYLABS has announced via an X-Plane.org forum post that they are working on an update to their Phoenix Air U-15. The full refresh is designed to take advantage of the latest X-Plane 11.35 technologies.

The developer posted multiple previews of the exterior model of the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft):

“Special focus was channeled into flight dynamics.” The aircraft is designed to use X-Plane’s new Experimental Flight Model Environment.

The Rotax 912U-engined plane comes in two versions with different wingtips (11 and 15 meters), changing the handling and allowing the motorized glider to fly like a fast and responsive light aircraft.

The addon will include:

  • A superb, highly accurate flight dynamics simulation of the Phoenix U-15 S-LSA aircraft.
  • Efficient (FPS wise), due to the new internal engineering structure and modeling optimizations.
  • Having more "precise" interaction in VR environment (applies also in 2D usage).
  • Having deeper, code-assist systems and flight dynamics algorithms.
  • Including PBR.
  • Including the STMA Autoupdater plugin.
  • Project v5.0 will include a complementary, comprehensive Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) as well.

VSKYLABS plan to release the aircraft in August of this year and has indicated that the update will be free to owners.

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