Uncle Jack Simulations Releases the Fairchild PT-19 for X-Plane 11

October 3, 2020

Uncle Jack Simulations has released their take on the Fairchild PT-19 for X-Plane 11, offering rare features not often seen in desktop flight simulation.

The PT-19 was announced in February and spent a further several months in development up until today.

With its first flight in 1939, the Fairchild PT-19 is one of the older birds still flying today and was produced in large quantities; more than 7,700 were built and were predominantly used in the Second World War by America.

It has an unusual distinction with its in-line piston engine inverted, though this hasn’t stopped Uncle Jack Simulations taking this important aspect on-board in making the aircraft for X-Plane 11.

As highlighted in a previous news article, this aircraft’s oil system simulates the buildup of oil inside the inverted engine and depends on the time elapsed since its last flight.

It also features a TrueVintage system, enabling gradual systems and physical wear and tear as time goes by.

Furthermore, the user is an influencing factor in how fast the aircraft wears down, with visual appearance of dust, oil, degraded varnish, and bug splatters on the windscreen.

A personal mechanic is another key part of the package, according to the product page.

“Take care of your airplane by calling "Jerry", your personal mechanic, and arranging the repairs needed. If you want a crisp aircraft on the outside at all times, you can absolutely keep her shiny by ringing Jerry!”

Highlighted features of the aircraft include:

  • Accurate Flight Model 11.40+ compatible
  • Top quality 3D model
  • Persistence tracks numerous operations and systems
  • Full PBR materials
  • Full FMOD sounds
  • Avitab tablet integration
  • VR Compatible
  • PT-19 pilot tested & approved
  • Fully simulated carburetor


Although initially announced at x-plane.org, Uncle Jack Simulations has selected X-Aviation as their reseller of choice, thereby making it the only store the aircraft is sold at.

The price is set at US $29.95, but early birds can grab the aircraft with a $5.00 discount within the next two days.

You can purchase the aircraft here, and join their Discord server here.

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