UK2000 continues their port-athon with Belfast City Xtreme

Peter Tram
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

UK2000 continues their streak of efficiently porting all their products over to X-Plane 11, and the next airport is Belfast City Xtreme. Around half an hour ago, the team has unveiled their latest port on their Facebook Post.

The airport is located 4 miles from the city of the same name and includes the Bombardier aircraft facility. The airport has several name changes throughout its history. Opened in 1938, the airport was known as "Belfast Harbour Airport Sydenham". During the World Wars the airport was called HMS Nutts Corner & RAF Belfast and was the birthplace of Shorts Aircraft that manufactures the Shorts Flying Boat. The airport runway received an extension to 6,000 ft in 1952, whilsts the terminal facilities remain basic consisting of sheds and huts. From the 1980s onwards the airport experienced significant upgrades, with a new terminal constructed in 2001, the same year it was recognised officially as an airport, and yet again was renamed “George Best Belfast City airport”.


-Custom Light fx's and halo's.
-Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
-Ground routes for AI
-Physical Based Rendering
-Specular lighting

-Full detail Buildings
-Realistic Ground Markings
-Hi Res ground image
-UK Runway markings
-Stunning Night Effects
-3D Approach Lights
-Dozens of Airport Vehicles
-Excellent Frame Rates
-Runway Wigwags
-Full set of signs
-Grass edge effects

The scenery will sell for £16.99. The team aims for a release on the 24th of November. One can ponder as to their future plans of porting all their airports to X-Plane 11, as the team is preparing to move on from their Xtreme series of airports to a new range of sceneries labelled through years in an effort to advance with newer contemporary scenery development processes. Only time will tell..

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