UK2000 Previews Glasgow 2020HD

January 16, 2021

After announcing its suspension of X-Plane development earlier this week, multi-sim developer UK2000 has released a series of screenshots previewing its progress on their upcoming Glasgow 2020HD scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator and confirming the scenery will be releasing soon.

Glasgow Airport is an airport located in Scotland, handling some 8.84 million passengers and serving some 20 airlines in 2019. Glasgow's history stretches far back, with the airport first seeing aircraft traffic back in 1932, the airport now serves as a major aerodrome in the area. The field serves multiple destinations throughout Europe with Jet2, easyJet, TUI Airways, and Loganair currently holding bases at the airport.

The previews provided by the developer showcase hand-crafted models, including the passenger terminals, hangars, and other auxiliary structures, ground textures in different seasons, and the aerial view of the scenery.

At the time of writing, UK2000 has not disclosed any further details on the product, including the estimated time of release and pricing. Threshold will keep you updated on the developmental progress of Glasgow 2020HD.

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You can view the source post for this article on the developer's Facebook page.

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