Ultra Weather XP V2.5 Expected "In a Few Days", in Major Status Update

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A status update has been posted about UWXP V2.5, and why it has taken a while since its initial announcement some time ago. In their closed Facebook group, the Almuntassir brothers have explained what is going on behind the scenes:

"Just wanna to share with you the situation with UWXP v2.5

"First of all I would like to explain to you why UWXP takes a lot of time since First announcement (Works on finals) then the next announcement (wait for stable x-plane 11.30) .

"Actually the plan of uwxp v2.5 was to enhance the clouds of v2.4 to make it advanced clouds and fix some little issues of v2.4 only.

"Then Laminar Team had takes their discussion on X-Plane 11.30 which makes us to think again about our plugin and while waiting for X-Plane 11.30 to be ready will do some enhancements over our plugin, then we've did that enhancements but ...

"While we're working on that enhancements some ideas came across our vision that made us to change our plan and make it bigger like ( new interface, skies , clouds , water color, sliders and too many new things) and Finally We've made it."

The post was then proceeded by details of bugs and issues and their status:

"Now .. let's see what's going on with uwxp v2.5 !!

"Private Beta Testers Reports and it's situations:

  1. "Sim crashes while moving some manual sliders = FIXED.
  2. "Sim keeps overriding current clouds while moving some manual clouds sliders which prevent the user to understand what is going on and what setting is currently being adjusting = FIXED. (will be overriding after release the sliders).
  3. "Fog under aircraft at night while flying high altitude in low reported visibility looks too bright = FIXED
  4. "Mac , Linux crashes while activation procedure = FIXED
  5. "Auto night haze in low visibility reflect the lights on fog too much. = FIXED.
  6. "(ASXP. FSGRW, NOAA and X-Plane real Weather download) Current real weather removed once moving clouds manual sliders or clicking UWXP Main set , Default X-Plane buttons and other buttons which override the settings once being touched = FIXED. (The Current real weather will not be removed anymore)
  7. "Too much fog under lowest clouds layer in low visibility = FIXED.
  8. "Some kind of textures reloading problems and x-plane not accept it = FIXED.
  9. "clouds looks a little big = FIXED (reduce auto control sizes)
  10. "Manual Night Haze not working = it's works only at night time.
  11. "Manual night haze affect sky colors at day time after changing it at night time = FIXED
  12. "Night haze not working with other sky colors = Night haze works only with Ultra Weather XP custom Sky colors.

"Developers Tests Report and it's situations:

  1. "Auto night haze keeps working outside cities and keeps the fog being like you are still above the city = FIXED
  2. "Sun Textures looks some kind of SD and spectacular skies sun glow looks more specular. = FIXED (Sun textures enhanced to looks HD and the glow reduced)
  3. "Jagged Clouds shadow moving too much while flying (X-Plane 11.30 had changed clouds shadow settings via shaders) **you may noticed that in promo video** = FIXED by adding Auto HD Clouds Shadow system which works in background automatically.
  4. "Flying Through Clouds puffs looks too bright = FIXED (Textures Enhanced for entire Clouds textures)
  5. "Clouds disappear and reappear while flying through in some points = FIXED
  6. "some of plugin background systems need to be adjusted and enhanced = WORKS HARD ON IT."

The post then ended with the following:

"When will be the Release of Ultra Weather XP v2.5?
"= Once finished number 6 of "Developers Tests Report" and making the final test with private beta testers.

"So.. the Release will be in a few days ( this month as expected )
"and free for all existing users."

The promotional video is also below.

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