Two Upcoming Versions of Ultra Weather XP Announced, Including Volumetric Clouds

Alex John
Monday, July 1, 2019

The developer of Ultra Weather XP (UWXP) has today confirmed two upcoming updates to the weather addon, one of which will feature volumetric clouds.

V2.5.2 or V2.6

Work on this version has begun after the developer took a short vacation. The version number is currently undecided but will be either in the sub-title above.

The update will put focus on cloud sizes, density and sky colours.

Below, is the first screenshot of UWXP V2.5.2 or V2.6. The developer noted "this is not the final result, this is the beginning."

UWXP V2.5.2 or V2.6


This version is to feature volumetric clouds, and may become the second current X-Plane addon to use volumetric clouds after xEnviro V1.10. The announcement was made by Diya Almuntaser back on the 11th June but with no additional information, it led people to be sceptical of its announcement.

This has however been confirmed by Diya's brother Abdullah in today's post. Work has already begun on this version, but requires more time to be finished.

No screenshots have surfaced of V3.0 yet.

The development update was posted in their Facebook group. You can also follow the developer on their Facebook page here.

Many thanks to timmetje2001 in our Discord server for notifying us of the news. Join here.

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