Ultra Weather XP V2.6 Progress Update

September 22, 2019

The developers behind Ultra Weather XP have published a quick progress update regarding version 2.6, along with new screenshots.

Through a post to their Facebook group, Abdullah Almuntassir said: "Okay, the graphics design 90% now, we need to work on lights too, then we will start to work on programming as we need to tweak all values, buttons, sliders and all background processes."

He added that programming can affect the overall appearance of V2.6 as well. "REMEMBER v2.6 will be completely new different plugin than v2.5.1 in graphics and more than 50% different in programming."

The screenshots shared were taken at FL330 and FL180, using sky colour set 1 and cloud set 6.

Abdullah went on to say that "the sun textures, sky colors, clouds texture have been improved, there is about 3% from 10% graphics remain work on these textures (as I need to make sure everything is okay with it) ... the other 7% will be on lights work."

Ultra Weather XP V3.0, featuring their perception of volumetric clouds, is also in development by Abdullah's brother. Additional details here.

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