Ultra Weather XP Previews Version 2.6.2

July 4, 2020

The developers behind Ultra Weather XP have issued information about the next update for the weather plugin, version 2.6.2.

This next version, according to Abdullah Almuntassir in their dedicated Facebook group, is currently a work in progress and is dedicated to solving more issues from the release of version 2.6 one month ago, along with other enhancements.

"I would like to announce that Ultra Weather XP v2.6.2 in development right now, this version will focus on fixing the reported issues, and will enhance the plugin even more," he wrote to the group. "[The update] will be free for sure for all users of v2.6+

"Thanks to all who reported the issues." This is a list of changes he gave over the previous version, 2.6.1:

  • Fix the remaining issue with reported weather that not presented correctly as reported in METAR.
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Clouds Coloring."
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Sky Coloring"
  • Fix "Clouds Terrain Blend"
  • Enhance the Cirrus Clouds textures.
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Water Waves"
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Light Haze"
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Mie Scattering"
  • Enhance the "Dynamic Raleigh Scattering"
  • Enhance the "Simulate Volumetric Clouds"
  • Fix the hard edge of clouds in low visibility while using "Increase Cloud Distance"
  • Fix the remaining clouds popping in and out.
  • Enhance Flying through clouds effect.
  • Adjust the whole cloud sizes to gain more FPS.
  • Enhance the shadows.

"These are what already addressed, please if you want from us to fix anything or enhance anything, comment your issue down below. and will do our best for you."

Version 2.6.1 focussed on a large range of issues, bugs, adjustments and more. In particular, it brought about a new volumetric cloud system to address smooth changes in weather.

The product is currently available to buy from the developer's own store for the price of US $35.00.

News and community members can be discovered in their Facebook group.

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