Ultra Weather XP Updated to v2.6.1 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

On a Facebook post, the Almuntassir brothers have announced the release of Ultra Weather XP v2.6.1. The new version brings an array of changes from stability improvements to bug fixes and minor adjustments.

The developers have taken their customers’ feedback and made changes accordingly. They are asking such users to try the new version and submit new support tickets if the problem persists.

A full list of changes is as follows:

  • New system to Simulate Volumetric clouds smoothly, clouds will change its smoothness, sizes, opacity during a period of time. and it's looking more natural now.
  • Huge drop in FPS. (Fixed)
  • Conflicts with real weather downloads via X-Plane. (Fixed)
  • Weather Keep resetting itself to Manually configure while using METAR.rwx. (Fixed)
  • Conflict with other Weather Information providers plugins such as ASXP. (Fixed)
  • Sometimes no clouds are present while there is weather information. (Fixed)
  • Conflict with Zibo 737 can't use the throttle and other handles via mouse. (Fixed)
  • X-Plane Crashes with Better Pushback plugin. (Fixed)
  • Weird colored shadows. (Fixed)
  • No ground lights after doing complete flight or changing location. (Fixed)
  • No clouds shadows. (Fixed)
  • Weird terrain line. (Fixed)
  • Clouds fading in and out in a short time, flashing, popping (Simulating Volumetric clouds Improved). (Fixed)
  • Suddenly X-Plane crashes. (Fixed)
  • The plugin keeps turning itself off while using some Joysticks. (Fixed)
  • Small cirrus clouds. (sizes for all clouds adjusted).
  • Dynamic lights haze has been improved and lights size reduced.
  • Mac, Linux crashes. it should work now without any problem, but we need to confirm after releasing the new version.
  • Dark Clouds in Overcast situations (coloring improved).
  • Weird white fog while moving view between clouds layers. (Fixed)

v2.6, released two weeks ago, has brought the much anticipated volumetric cloud and other exciting features. For more information, check out our previous article.

v2.6.1 will be completely free for all existing users and they should “download the new version over the old one and replace” such that no reactivation is required.

Check out the source Facebook post and page for information and updates.

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