Ultra Weather XP updated to version 2.4

Sam Clark
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weather software Ultra Weather XP burst onto the scene in late Feburary 2018 with the release of v2.2. Since then, developer Abdullah Almuntassir has built on the success of the plugin with further updates - the latest of which: v2.4, includes 12 new cloud textures and sky colours.

New features include the aforementioned cloud/sun textures, as well as new sea colours and a new beta feature: a "volumetric" effect when passing through cloud billboards.

Check out the full changelog below:

  • ‍New improved sky colors for all weather conditions
  • New sun textures with crepuscular rays
  • Multi Improved Clouds Textures from v2.3 (reduces repitition ~50%)
  • New improved sea colors
  • Added clouds textures for above and underneath clouds which make the clouds looks much better
  • Added smooth puffs for "Flying Through Clouds effect" (Beta)
  • Added horizon haze wall for the sunset sky colors which makes the sunset, dawn and dusk looks much realistic and better
  • Improved darkness of overcast , stratus and snowy skies

The update is available for free, however currently only for customers who purchased through simMarket - the X-Plane.org store has not yet released the update.

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