Ultra Weather XP Addresses Issues with Latest Release

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The developer of Ultra Weather XP has responded to users with a list of bugs that have been fixed or are in the process of being addressed.

Posting to their Facebook group, Abdullah Almuntassir assured the group's users the team is working hard on fixing issues that have cropped up since release, whilst also apologising for their lack of email support.

"We are keeping working hard to finish all the reported issues," wrote Almuntassir.

The following list of twelve issues is addressed in three ways:

  • Fixing indicates the team has found the cause and are in the process of eliminating the issue.
  • Fixed is self-explanatory, but the correction has not yet been rolled out to users.
  • Already fixed means that the fix has already been shipped in a previous update.
  1. No ground lights after changing location, or after doing flight from location to other (Fixed).
  2. Crash once calling Better Pushback plugin. (Fixing)
  3. Conflict with Zibo, can't move the throttle, speed break, and flaps by Mouse(Fixing)
  4. Low FPS for some users. (Fixed)
  5. No clouds shadow in 11.50.10b (already fixed)
  6. Bad looking terrain line in the far distance (already fixed)
  7. Conflict with ASXP causing drops FPS, (Fixed) also I would like to confirm that ASXP has changed its system from custom Metar to Manual configure via ASXP connector you can check by your self even when deleting UWXP, it will configure the weather manually.
  8. UWXP resetting real weather to manual.. (fixing)
  9. Crashes for some users (Fixed) only need to confirm.
  10. Small cirrus clouds (Fixed) size adjusted.
  11. Night lights haze has been improved.
  12. Mac, Linux crashes. it should work now without any problem, but we need to confirm after releasing the new fix.

In addition to assisting Facebook users, Almuntassir expressed his apologies for the lack of support through emails, as evidenced by the reaction from the community.

"For the Email response, we are so sorry, no worries, we will take care of it very soon let's finish all the issues then well get back to you thanks for waiting. (it's a very hard time for us with these sudden issues please be patience and many thanks for your understanding)"

Version 2.6 of Ultra Weather XP was released five days ago. It contains a brand new user interface, works with the X-Plane 11.50 betas, 12 new sky colours, and double that number of new cloud sets.

It is now only available to purchase outside of x-plane.org in their store for US $35.00. Users who have purchased the plugin previously can, according to posts on the x-plane.org forum, receive the update free if purchased in 2020, whilst those who have bought the plugin before this year are entitled to a US $10 upgrade fee.

You can follow Ultra Weather XP through their Facebook group or page.

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