iniBuilds Releases v1.11 Hotfix for A300-600R(F)

December 10, 2020

[Update - 2020/12/11]: A small hotfix has been released for the aircraft, bringing it up to version 1.11. It fixes a number of issues spotted by users post-release of v1.10. As such, we've republished our article with the new details.

iniBuilds provided the following change list for v1.11:

  • Fixed high oil pressure issue
  • Fixed FPS loss on SID/STAR page
  • Fixed click spots on Freighter variant
  • Fixed crash occurring when first officer VOR button clicked
  • Fixed crash occurring with LOWS ILS15
  • Fixed TRP N1 display flickering
  • Fixed LOC bar not showing when first officer NAV switch on ILS

The developer makes it clear than a full reinstall is required to get the update. You must remove both the Passenger and Cargo variants from your X-Plane\Aircraft folder before installing v1.11.

The original v1.10 release article is still available below.


Following on from their changelog publication yesterday, iniBuilds has finally pushed out their first major update to their much revered A300 simulation. The update pushes the version number to 1.10 and brings to the board a plethora of improvements along with a heavily anticipated addition to the lineup: the standard -600 passenger variant.

The sheer scale of the update neccesitated users to remove their existing installation and redownload the aircraft again through their iniBuilds store account.

In addition to the pax variant, the update opens the product up to accesibility towards macOS users, and users flying with the weather add-on Active Sky for XP. Other major additions include a Custom Weather radar, and a substantial rewrite of the system code (20-30% of the entire code as detailed on the team's 30 minute walkthrough of v1.10).

The significant reworking of the codebase also brought a long list of bug fixes across the product. Significant redevelopments and enhancements to the EFOB, A/THR, ND Drawing for FPS, Autoland, and an entirely new thrust control logic & spool times also comes included in the update.

Here is the rest of the changelog:

- Fixed SASL Crash after selecting A/C STATUS in FMS
- Fixed go around phase spool time/rate issue
- Fixed THR L spool time/rate issue
- Fixed Mach number in FMS not matching commanded number
- Fixed v1 speed bug
- Fixed ANN LT dim not affecting all lights
- Fixed dome light illuminating without power
- Fixed issue with thrust dipping after engaging LVLCH
- Fixed issue where needle was clipping HYD pressure
- Fixed DME-only not functioning correctly
- Fixed thrust reverse N1 not being limited
- Fixed typos in EFB
- Fixed issue with airspeed target animation
- Fixed issue with ILS not displaying correctly
- Fixed issue with HDG not working correct is ROSE-mode
- Fixed issue with SID transition not being selectable
- Fixed issue with THR L coming on when pulling SPD knob
- Fixed issue with times being displayed in 24xx rather than 00xx in FMS
- Fixed issue where wind correction showing as 5 instead of 0
- Fixed issue with TRP when selecting flex
- Fixed runway overlap issue in FMS
- Fixed hidden holding button
- Fixed colour of localizer indicator at night
- Fixed random runways point added in flight plan
- Fixed issue with magnetic variation
- Fixed pointer showing in opposite direction in ARC mode
- Fixed issue with clock when crossing time zones
- Fixed issue with fire test with HP fuel open
- Fixed issue where runways would not show up on STAR page
- Fixed issue where the EFIS control panel was always powered
- Fixed issue where aircraft would not reach N1 for flex
- Fixed issue where shutdown and reset of aircraft would not clear the FMS
- Fixed issue where approach and destination airport would disappear
- Fixed errors showing up on climb and cruise
- Fixed issue where aircraft was extremely slow to accelerate to commanded LVL CH Mach speed
- Fixed issue where T/D disappeared after direct to
- Fixed issue where CMD 1 fails to engage in SPD ALT* in LVL CH descent level off at a low altitude
- Updated yellow altitude intercept arc appearance
- Fixed issue when profile would go into Mach passing 10000ft
- Fixed issue where CRS that you set on the ILS was not reflected on the CRS page shown on ND
- Fixed issue where aircraft would descend without pulling the altitude knob
- Fixed issue where holding speed constraint is not respected in PROFILE mode
- Fixed nav issues with direct to and not following NAV
- Fixed EFB and FMS weight/load differences
- Fixed issue where MCT N1 is higher than TO N1
- Fixed issue with APU bleed starting too quickly
- Fixed issue where turning off bleed after APU shutdown causes APU to turn on again
- Fixed terrain radar performance issues
- Fixed issue with THR RED and THR ACC settings from EFB not working correctly
- Fixed loss of altitude when in tight turns
- Fixed issue when using autobrakes MAX aircraft seems to apply MAX brakes without input
- Fixed issue with runways not loading with SID at LEBL
- Fixed issue with aircraft no descending on arrival at LMML
- Fixed issue where negative OAT value could not be entered into TO PERF in EFB
- Updated EFB items if ground vehicles connected
- Fixed issue where random white line would occur on ND
- Fixed issue with LAT/LONG on INS control panel not updating
- Fixed issue wither CI of 0 could not be entered into INIT A
- Fixed issue where FMS would show negative EFOB values
- Fixed issue where EFB would freeze plane when requesting ATIS
- Fixed issue where western longitude was denoted with a negative sign in FMS
- Fixed issue where parking brake would get stuck on
- Fixed issue when pressing the toe brakes, would play parking brake release noise.
- Fixed issue where all waypoints after T/D showed Mach .79

This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account, remember to uninstall your previous/existing copy prior to installing the new version:

Special thanks to Recoil for the scoop on our Discord server!

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