Supercritical Simulations Group Update Boeing 747 to Version 2.4

November 16, 2021

Supercritical Simulations Group, aka (SSG) has returned to the spotlight and released v2.4 of their Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft rendition, the update features the inclusion of a reworked Electronic Flight Bag, along with other bug fixes and improvements.

Image Credit: Amine Sa

After months of tight lipped silence on all fronts and some teasers, SSG unofficially announced version 2.4 of their Boeing 747 aircraft, after users found in the Skunkcrafts Updater that the aircraft had an update available. It was then later formally announced earlier today that the aircraft had received its next update.

Ricardo Bolognini from SSG took to the .Org forums earlier today and released the changelog for v2.4. Featuring a new reworked EFB UI, it has become streamlined and modern to fit in with the style of other EFB’s. New sounds were introduced for both internal and external. A full custom fuel feed system was introduced to the aircraft. Various other fixes and minor additions were included in this version at well and is included in the full feature list:

beta 1:

  • New tablet with same functions plus the inflight (no all finished).New external/internal sound 3D and internal environment
  • Now the fuel feed system is fully coustom ( fixed eng 3 fuel intro). 
  • Fuel loader load the reserve + main 1/4 as same as main 2/3. 
  • Electrical tie don't opens if 4 engines is running ok. 

beta 2 

  • Linux version now in beta. 
  • Fixed center fuel pump sasl error 
  • Fixed APU not starting after landing or after turned off. 
  • Fixed some fuel synoptics graphic.
  • Fixed some tablet issues. 
  • Fixed weather map showing in wrong map. 
  • Added  a AP disengage command and  virtual 3d spot in the yoke. 
  • Fixed some sound issues. 

beta 3 

  • Update the rest of the actuators zones for a better 3d format, especially for VRers. 
  • Fix engine generators not turning off with other power sources. 
  • Fix custom timed instruments and lights not working in replay. 

beta 4 

  • Fixed Autothrottle bug. 
  • Added AT engage disengage command to hardware and virtual on the TLA.
  • Added AT disengage message. 
  • Added autopilot disengage message. 
  • Fixed Overspeed sound. 
  • Remixed some engine sounds in and out plus some other sounds like aircond.
  • Added overshoot weight max payload to both versions. 
  • TCAS now shows over 20 acfs. 

If you are interested in purchasing this aircraft for yourself, you can check it out at the Store, the aircraft has an asking price of $48.30. If you are interested in the rest of the team’s portfolio, including the E-Jets series that SSG has developed, you can also check out their store page as well.

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