SkyMaxx Pro v5 Released

January 22, 2021

Maxx-XP and Sundog Software have just released version 5 of their popular SkyMaxx Pro plugin for X-Plane 11, featuring the long-awaited addition of volumetric clouds.

Announced just over a week ago, this update was welcomed with enthusiasm by the X-Plane community as the plugin’s previous version, SkyMaxx Pro v4, had been released over 4 years ago. 

Numerous new features have been added in this update, starting with GPU Ray-Casted Volumetric Clouds, compatibility with live-weather plugins such as ASXP or FSGRW, improved performance, lighting improvements and much more. The full feature list is available below:

• Lens Flare

  • Cloud shadows

  • Clouds aloft with wind speed

  • Crepuscular rays

  • Full 3D GPU Ray-Casted Clouds

  • Extends all the way to the horizon

  • Both solid and broken stratiform representations

  • Advanced per-fragment lighting model with real Mie scattering and fogbows!

  • Realistic in-cloud effects for convincing IFR landings and takeoffs

  • Simulated scud layer

  • Real simulation of single, double, and multiple scattering of sunlight and moonlight through the clouds

  • Convincing high-altitude weather for jetliner pilots

  • Soft cloud / terrain blending

  • Adjustable soft blending of any cloud type with terrain

  • Makes for gorgeous ground fog, or clouds surrounding mountaintops!

  • Lightning effects in SkyMaxx Pro 5 will trigger 3D positional thunder sound effects when SoundMaxx is installed

  • 3D Precipitation (OpenGL only)

  • Integrates seamlessly with the X-Plane weather menus

The plugin is compatible with both Vulkan and OpenGL for Windows users, however, it is incompatible with the Metal engine on Macs and Linux is not supported as of today. 

Owners of SkyMaxx Pro v4 are entitled to a 50 per cent discount on the purchase. 

SkyMaxx Pro v5 is now available at X-Aviation for 39.95 USD.

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