VATSIM Opens Cross the Pond Westbound Bookings

April 8, 2021

VATSIM’s busiest bi-annual event has again opened bookings for pilots to book a slot to fly their favourite aircraft “across the pond”.

Cross the Pond sees over 800 pilots and 200 controllers fly over 50 routes across the Atlantic Ocean on a single day. This year’s event falls on Saturday the 24th of April.

Bookings this year for Westbound are open from now until 2300 UTC on the 13th of April.

Bookings for this year’s event are made by a lottery system, a system introduced with last years event. This lottery system allows pilots to choose quotes and time slots for pushback and leaves the selection up to the event organisation team to randomly pick slots.

Pilots selections look similar to this screen:

Some more information has been provided on the VATSIM community forums including slot allocation times. Airports such as Manchester, Heathrow and Dublin will not open slots up before 11 am UTC, as such users are advised to not bid for slots at this time.

Users who also attempt to book slots for London Heathrow are warned that trying to book for this airport significantly reduces your chance of getting a slot by a “significant margin”.

To see a summary of this forum post, check out this Twitter Thread from Twitch Streamer Ripply.

To make your selection for a slot for Cross the Pond Westbound 2021, head to the reservation page on the CTP website.

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