vFlyteAir Releases Cherokee 140 Modern

Simon Klaassen
Friday, August 16, 2019

vFlyteAir, known for quite a few general aircraft, has now released the Cherokee 140 Modern.

The aircraft was type-certified by the federal aviation administration in the 1960s and is still being produced. The aicraft is primarily designed for air taxi, training or personal use.

The new Cherokee 140 Modern from vFlyteAir is now available, a full list of functions is attached below.

  • Two different panels included - fly with either a traditional analog-gauge panel or use the glass-panel option featuring the Aspen E1000 PFD by Mario Donick
  • Pop-out Aspen E1000 makes it easy to see in VR mode
  • Pop-out kneeboard with options menu and re-fueling utility
  • FMOD sounds
  • Ultra-res PBR textures
  • Animated ice and rain effects courtesy of librain plugin (included)
  • Integrated, automatic support for realityXP(r) GTN650 and G430W plugins
  • Save-state preferences - your switch settings, options choices and other preferences are saved each time you exit, and reloaded when you next load the airplane

The Cherokee 140 from vFlyteAir is available at the .org store and the vFlyteAir website.

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