Update: Volumetric Clouds Coming to xEnviro v1.10

Scott Havener
June 13, 2018

Definitely the biggest piece of news to hit the stage following FSExpo, xEnviro Version 1.10 will be coming with volumetric clouds! We have received a few early stage screenshots as well as a preview video.


Andrey has asked us to include this description:

"There is still a lot to be done, but we thought it would be nice to show what we are working on. Noise-rendered volumetric clouds will be a part of the xEnviro 1.10. The shapes are still under heavy development and the images we are sharing are just to be considered as proof of concept. The images hardly represent 10% of the final look."

"The performance is at about the same level as 1.09, even with the volumetric clouds. This may change somewhat during the development cycle, but we hope to improve it further for the release. As always, with X-Plane improving its own performance- it benefits xEnviro."

Keep an eye out for xEnviro updates at Threshold! There's more where this came from.

That's it! Happy flying, and have a lovely day!