vPilot v2.6 Introduces Microsoft Flight Simulator Compatibility

August 18, 2020

VATSIM's vPilot user client has introduced the promised day one compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator, the news coming in a Facebook post today.

"With Microsoft Flight Simulator on final approach, we are excited to announce the release of vPilot version 2.6, adding compatibility for this new simulator," they say.

An automatic prompt should appear for current users of the client - which was previous for ESP-platforms only - to update their software the the new version 2.6.

Previous X-Plane users and/or users of other clients must grab a new copy of vPilot from the group's website.

"We are aware of a performance issue that was not present during beta testing, where if you run certain types of SimConnect applications (of which vPilot is one) then it causes frame rate reduction and stuttering."

"We are in contact with Asobo and Microsoft who are investigating, and we'll update you when we have more information."

You can download the vPilot client from the official website here.

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