VSKYLABS Announces FA Tensor 600X

Monday, March 30, 2020

VSKYLABS have just announced in a Facebook post the development for X-Plane 11 of The Fraundorfer Aeronautics Tensor 600X Gyroplane, a German-built gyrocopter. 

The aircraft was designed as a twin-seater gyrocopter for personal mobility, aerial observation, commercial passenger operations and logistic operations. It is increasingly interesting for future air-taxi or remote-field operators due to its short landing and takeoff distance of 50 meters (150 feet). 

The Tensor 600X prototype recently accomplished its maiden test flight where it reached 130km/h and an altitude of 500 meters. A video of the flight has been published by the company. 

The latest ‘Test-Pilot’ project is being developed taking advantage of X-Plane’s experimental flight mode and like all other products of the series, the copter will be fully compatible with virtual reality. The add-on will feature two different cockpits, a classic analogue and a dual G1000 glass-cockpit. The release of it is planned in 2020.

VSKYLABS commented on their relationship with the aircraft manufacturer: 

“Development Notice: The development of the VSKYLABS FA Tensor 600X Project for X-Plane flight simulator was approved by "Fraundorfer Aeronautics". VSKYLABS is developing this addon project independently, with information from "Fraundorfer Aeronautics" regarding development details of the Tensor 600X.”

One week ago, VSKYLABS published a new video of their upcoming Dynali H3 helicopter, check our article about it out. 

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