VSKYLABS Publishes a Video of the Upcoming Dynali H3

Alexandre Faroux
Thursday, March 26, 2020

VSKYLABS have just posted a new video on their Youtube channel showcasing their upcoming Dynali H-3 EasyFlyer, the latest addition to their ‘Test-Pilot’ series.

The initial release will include the EasyFlyer version, and the Sport version will come in an update later in time. The Sport variant has a newer T-Tail design. The addon will feature an accurate flight model and handling characteristics and will be fully compatible with virtual-reality. 

The H-3 EasyFlyer is an ultralight helicopter designed by the Belgian company Dynali to comply with European norms for microlight helicopters. The aircraft is either available in a kit or ‘ready-to-fly’.

VSKYLABS have indicated that this development has been approved by the Dynali Helicopter Company but that it remains an independent VSKYLABS project.

For more information about this upcoming add-on, check our article out about its announcement three weeks ago. Recently, VSKYLABS released their Robinson R66 for X-Plane 11 which is currently on sale for $28.86 instead of $33.95. 

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