Verticalsim Announces Boise for Microsoft Flight Simulator

June 9, 2022

Boise’s relatively small airfield makes headlines for the second time this week with another developer announcing they’re bringing Gowen Field to Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the creator is Verticalsim.

The scenery-maker has previously covered KBOI in X-Plane and in-line with previous releases, is now working on bringing their extensive catalogue of products for Laminar’s sim over to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developer's previous work on Boise for X-Plane.

Verticalsim published the following feature list with the announcement:

  • 2022 Airport/Taxiway Layout
  • Interiors on Terminal & Tower 
  • 4K textures w/full PBR Suite 
  • Optimized using LODs
  • Custom jetways
  • Custom taxi signs
  • Full HDR night lighting package
  • Animated people
  • Static aircraft for both AANG & ANG

Though a release date has not been mentioned, users likely won’t have to wait long for Boise to launch as based on previous releases Verticalsim tends to have a very short turnaround.

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