Vertical Simulations Announce The Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID)

Alex John
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Also known as "Cedar Rapids Airport," KCID is a regional airport in Iowa, in the United States of America that is now serving longer flights with Airbus A320s and Boeing 737-800s. Vertical Simulations announced through their Facebook page the development of this airport, which is to be priced between $12-15. Some previews and a render were shared, which are shown below:

The airport will include:

  • Fully high-definition building/object textures (and yes, that doesn't mean burning your GPU to the ground)
  • Fully modelled accurate buildings, scaled and placed with the current airport design plans
  • PBR materials on nearly almost all buildings and materials
  • High-resolution orthophotos
  • Proper night lighting and textures
  • Fully modelled surrounding area
  • WT3 Taxi Routes/X-Life compatible (yes Captain-K made sure I have one this time)
  • Ground traffic
  • Autogate
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