Verticalsim Releases Three Tampa Updates

Sunday, June 21, 2020

In the intervening week since the release of Verticalsim's headline product, a rendition of Tampa International Airport, three updates have been released. Now that we're out of the somewhat volatile post-release period, we've compiled a list of all the changes.

Firstly, v1.1, which was issued three days after launch, focused on performance optimisations, such as reducing object polycounts and a change to the scenery's VRAM profile making it less hard on GPUs. The full list for this update is available below:

  • OpenGL yellow edgelines fix
  • Reduced poly count on objects
  • Should see better performance
  • Modified lighting
  • Brought VRAM Profile to 1GB

Notably absent of a Facebook post, v1.2 followed four days later with yet more optimisations in the name of improved performance, plus fixes to a number of airside visual bugs. New grass and concrete materials were also added. The changelog:

  • Huge optimization
  • Fixed monorail bleeding through Airside E
  • Fixed monorail speeds
  • Fixed broken concrete texture near Airside F
  • Removed ALL static aircraft
  • Fixed taxiway lights popping up in taxiways
  • New 3d grass
  • New concrete texture and PBR
  • More airport vehicle groundtraffic

Most recent of all, v1.3, is also the shortest of the lot, with the developer saying they're now ready to move on to other projects following this update's launch. The changelog strangely contains many of the same items as v1.2, however, the following lines are new:

  • Reoptimized groundtraffic
  • Fixed SAM issue with E66/67
  • Fixed issue with seethrough stairs

Now that all of these updates are out, the fixes they bring can be downloaded in one simple patch from the store of purchase.

See Verticalsim's Tampa Airport, which is available for $26.99 USD, on the group's website.

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