Verticalsim Studios Updates Providence (KPVD) to Version 3.4

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The developer Verticalsim Studios has updated their Providence to version 3.4, adding support for Stairport Sceneries' SAM, better ortho and PBR textures, and cargo ramp marshaller support.

Noted through a post on their Facebook page, the changelog for version 3.4 is as follows:

  • Support for SAM jetway plugin
  • Better airport grass/ortho
  • New PBR concrete textures
  • Cargo ramp [marshaller] support

The developer also pointed out that KPVD is currently on sale for US $10.

Moreover, owners can update now if purchased through their website, but customers will "receive the update in about 24 hrs or can PM [Verticalsim Studios] directly with their .org order number."

Providence, also known as Green Airport, was Verticalsim Studios (then Vertical Simulations) first payware product. It was last updated back in March, which also heavily focussed on texturing.

For more information, including a 37-point feature list, see the product page.

The developer also released Spokane not too long ago - further information available to view here.

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