Vertical Sims releases v2.1 of T.F. Green Airport

Peter Tram
Monday, September 10, 2018

Andrew Masse, also known as Vertical809 for his freeware Tampa Airport scenery on has released a major update to his first payware scenery T.F. Green Airport. Now at v2.1, the update includes significantly redeveloped groundwork and refined 3d modelling and texturing. For the low price of $10 ($15 at the .org), the scenery has matured to a stage where the developer has now considered it complete".

Feature list of update:

-New asphalt decals
-More surrounding buildings around the airport
-More ground crew
-New HD cars and tractortrailers and firetruck
-New concrete textures
-Weather instruments and VOR added
-Cargo area redesigned
-Fixed floating Skywalk
-Wrote manual
-Changed decal to fit better
-Sharpened 4k orthophotos
-Fixed downtown Providence

You can buy the scenery here: LINK. For those who rather buy something outside the .org store, if you want an alternative channel to purchase the scenery, you may send $10 USD to the developer directly through his PayPal: LINK

Existing customers can send a message here with their order number or name (yes I can check so don't lie) or revert to their store page as it should be up today or tomorrow.

With this update pushed out, the developer expressed his gratitude for the support and now seek to move on to bigger and better projects before releasing another update.

We personally can't wait to see what the upcoming airport is, we'll be closely watching Andrew's work.

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