JustAsia Releases WBKK Kota Kinabalu

Peter Tram
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

In the wave of new Asian airport scenery releases, JustAsia has released their rendition of Kota Kinabalu Intl. Airport. Kota Kinabalu Airport is Malaysia's secondmost busiest airport, with over 8 Million passengers travelling through the airport, it is a major tourist destination serving as a hub for Malaysia Airlines, its low-cost subsidiary MASWings and low-cost airline AirAsia. WBKK is JustAsia's second airport release, trailing OBKK Bahrain Intl. Airport in the Middle East.

The Airport is the international gateway for the city of the same name, located around 8KM southwest of the city centre. The city is formerly known as Jesselton and the airfield was originally a military airbase.

Feature List:

  • Highly detailed representation of Kota Kinabalu Airport
  • Over 150 hand placed custom objects
  • PBR ground markings and pavement
  • Full custom HDR night lighting
  • Full WorldTraffic 3 integration + Custom ground routes
  • Added static Aircraft option (For users who don't have WT3)
  • Animated jetways and docking
  • Realistic ground poly for airport and surroundings
  • High resolution textures for terminals
  • Loads of clutter to provide a realistic feel
  • Highly optimized and fps friendly
  • Ground traffic
  • Hand drawn tired marks to provide a realistic feel

Many thanks to Airbus5717 for informing us on our Discord Server!

Purchase Kota Kinabalu here: LINK

See more images here: LINK

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