Wilga PZL by Thranda Design Coming Soon

Sam Clark
Monday, December 31, 2018

Thranda Design is the personal development brand of Dan Klaue, who is also well-known for assisting the likes of Carenado and Alabeo with conversions of their Prepar3D aircraft to the X-Plane platform. Currently, Thranda have two projects on the go; the Pilatus PC-6 (which was previewed just last week) and a new aircraft, the Wilga PZL.

The Wilga PZL is an STOL civilian utility aircraft designed and manufactured in Poland during the 1960s until as recently as 2000. The aircraft was produced elsewhere from 2000 until 2006, when manufacturing was finally halted.

Thranda's new rendition was announced on it's PC-6 development thread over on the X-Plane.org forums yesterday. Klaue made a game out of it too, asking readers to identify which aircraft would be his next with a lone in-sim screenshot.

He later went on to formally announce the aircraft in the same thread. Here is the one teaser shot he has provided:

To find out more about Thranda's Wilga PZL, take a look at the forum thread.

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