Windsock Simulations Announces Ibiza Airport (LEIB)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Windsock Simulations has taken to Facebook to announce Ibiza Airport (LEIB). Images of the airport were included, and it was stated the project is a collaboration with Aeroosft and Sim-Wings.

“Continuing our trend of Spanish Airports, we have done a lot of the work on the Island, and the Airport it's self is 95% Completed, all that is remaining is Ortho for the Island, and also some of the cityscape,” wrote Windsock Simulations.

The pictures already show a large part of the terminal and runways of Ibiza airport which was opened in 1949 to civilian flights.

The island has a size of 572km squared, and will be covered with ortho using pictures of the real world. The airport has one terminal with around nine million passengers yearly.

With over 76,000 flight movements per year it is one of three international airports of the Balearics. It was first used by the military during the Spanish Civil War and later turned to civilian passenger use. 

Interestingly, Windsock Simulations’ announcement comes a day after Threshold published news of a freeware conversion; the details of which may be found here.

Websites: Aerosoft and Sim-Wings

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