Windsock Simulations Show Early Stages of FSimStudios Cancun Conversion

Alex John
Monday, June 17, 2019

The first screenshots of Cancun by FSimStudios, and converted by Windsock Simulations, have emerged on the latter's Facebook page. The images shared are said to be "early work, and subject to a lot of change." Orthophotos have yet to be added.

Cancun International Airport is Mexico's second busiest airport, popular with tourists from around the world. It has seen year-on-year growth since 2010, and its two runways and four terminals served more than twenty-five-million passengers in 2017.

Recently, the collaboration between FSimStudios and Windsock Simulations saw the release of Tocumen International Airport. You can read further details about this here.

Follow FSimStudios on Facebook here, and Windsock Simulations here.

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