World Update IX: Italy and Malta Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

May 19, 2022

Last week, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator released World Update IX: Italy and Malta. The update, which is being introduced as part of v., brings improved/enhanced airports, cities, and various points of interests around Italy and Malta, enabling pilots to embark on breathtaking discovery flights in these regions.

According to the developers, the team has greatly improved the scenery in Italy and parts of Malta by integrating “latest geospatial data available, including digital elevation modeling, aerial and satellite imagery, and triangulated irregular network (TIN) modeling of 20 cities” (Rome, Naples, etc).

Additionally, Gaya Simulations has handcrafted four airports (Palermo, Sondrio, Marina di Campo, Bolanzo) with immersive details while Orbx Simulation enhanced 100 other ones. Finally, Gaya Simulations has implemented “94 points of interest in Italy and 11 in Malta” while Perfect Flight created 9 activities to give pilots new adventures. A full list of features for World Update IX can be found in the development blog.

Currently, users can download the World Update for free. The developers has noted that v. is required to experience the enhanced scenery.

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